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About Reflexology


Reflexology is a gentle relaxing therapy which may be given through the feet, the hands, the ears and the face. I offer Foot Reflexology, Pre Parenthood Reflexology, Total Face Work, and Aromareflex. All these treatments are deeply relaxing, and are enjoyed by people of all ages who are looking to de-stress, and to feel and look better.

During a reflexology session you lie clothed on a comfortable couch. You will experience a sequence of reflex pressure point and massage techniques, and may become so relaxed you doze slightly or fall asleep.

Face Reflexology

I offer an unique Face Reflexology treatment influenced by the Vietnamese Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology, Bergman Method Facial Reflexology and Acupressure Facial methods. I add Facial Rejuvenation to deliver a therapeutic and deeply relaxing targeted treatment experience. Ask for a take home self treatment plan to enhance your treatments with just a few moments each day.



Let me pamper you with a beautiful Aromareflex Foot Reflexology treatment, using a blend of essential oils created just for you.

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